Bookshelf of Aquariums: Introduction

For many people, the word aquarium summons memories of neon gravel, plastic ornaments, and a thick coating of slimy algae.  This is a shame, because in truth fish-keeping is a hobby with incredible depth.

The inclusion of natural rocks, driftwood, and aquatic plants can transform an aquarium into both an ecosystem and a piece of art.  While aquascaping (as it is often called) is still a niche hobby, I've always found it to be a fascinating blend of art and science.

I'm not sure where I first found the idea of stacking aquariums on a bookshelf, but every few years the idea pops up and I finally decided to build the thing.

The unique twist which makes this project fun is that all four tanks are stacked vertically and connected together by an entirely disproportionate system of valves and plumbing.  Along with being very space-efficient, this allows all four tanks to circulate the same water and share a single set of equipment.

As you might have guessed, I finished the Bookshelf of Aquariums some time ago and will be posting it's build log retroactively to the blog.  This will allow for a more timely and cohesive set of posts.  The complete build log can be viewed through the blog or visited directly at the following links:

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