E3D Titan Test

Time to install the new Titan extruders.  The original extruder design was all-metal, but this time I'd like to incorporate some printed parts to save weight.  Since I want the printed parts to be high quality, I'm going to install only one extruder to start, and use the printer to produce the parts required for a complete conversion.

It might seem like I abandoned the bulldog assembly very quickly, especially since it could probably be saved with new stepper motors; but I've wanted to change it for a while and this presents a good opportunity.

This picture should help explain why I'm moving to plastic where possible - a printed mounting plate weighs less than a fifth as much as the equivalent aluminum part.  The complete bulldog assembly weighs a staggering 1,144g.

Unfortunately E3D Titans were not designed to direct drive a Chimera, so the dimensions don't quite work out.  The bowden tube needs a bit of a bend to line up the Chimera inlet.  Its not pretty but shouldn't impact performance.

The complete weight of my test extruder is only 360g, which is less than a third of the weight of the original extruder assembly.  Even after a second Titan is added, the new extruder layout will probably weigh half as much as its predecessor.

Since I had the foresight to use swappable connectors for the extruder wiring, it is very simple to bolt the new assembly to the linear stage and connect the wires.  It looks a lot shoddier than the all-aluminum bulldog assembly, but as a temporary setup it will do fine.

I ran a few test prints and everything went as expected.  The extruder ripple is completely solved, but the vertical banding remains.  Alignment between successive layers is good, but I suspect that the fully printed mount is allowing the nozzle just enough movement to slightly degrade print quality.

My final design will incorporate some aluminum parts to help conduct heat away from the Chimera and ensure the extruders are mounted as rigidly as possible.

Now it is finally time to start working on the vertical banding...


Unknown said...

Nice job!
I stumbled at your blog lokking for a solution, and here it is.

Damiano said...

The cause of the vertical bands could be due to inappropriate microstepping decay mode, is a strange problem and affect both the extruder and the X/Y/Z Axis

The simple solution is a "TL-Smoother", "magic number" (for Z axis), or change the decay mode of stepper driver, reduce microstepping 1/8, reduce stepper current, change stepper driver.

Moire effect
zebra stripes
decay mode
magic number

A huge discussion:

Steffen said...


I really like your mount for chimera and the titans. Do you have some files for those parts?

Best regards.



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